New to Newgrounds; Multiplayer Programming

2008-07-05 11:31:05 by BigJKO

First of all, thanks to all the people who voted, played and reviewed Multiplayer Snake. I've had an awesome couple of days playing the game with everyone. And everyone seems positive, despite the numerous bugs I've left in the game.

The biggest complaint I've been getting is the controls and lag. Luckily, their connected. Due to me being an ass at multiplayer programming, some players were experiencing the update messages from the server clogging up their bandwidth, making the player input messages to the server a bit slower. Resulting in everyone looking like shit, ramming their snakes right into themselves, walls and whatnot. At first, I thought everyone just really sucked at my game, because I don't experience that lag.

So, that'll be optimized tomorrow, and hopefully everything is still working and I can release an update then or the day after.

Another thing, is a question. I'm pretty new to all this here, on Newgrounds. What happens now, now that my game "survived" the judging process? It's pretty much vanished anyway, so it's not really going to get any more players from now on. Or is there a queue for which games appear on, say.. the Multiplayer games front page, where potential players might actually see it?

Cheers everyone,

Submission Nightmares

2008-07-03 00:32:18 by BigJKO

Phew! I submitted Multiplayer Snake at 2 in the morning, my time. I had barely touched the submit button when people started flowing in. I went in to check if it all worked as it should, and there were already a few new multiplayer games started.

I ended up playing for hours, chatting with the various Newgrounders who were playing the game for the first time. I was expecting everyone to be frustrated with the various bugs I had discovered but didn't have time to fix, but it turned out everyone was very nice and offered friendly comments and advice on how the game should work.

I could barely sleep, which is why I'm awake now, only a few hours since I uploaded the game. I'm too nervous the game will end up falling into the Newgrounds "Abyss of Games People Never See."

Well, thanks for all the comments and reviews. I've going to update the game tomorrow, with some of the recent feedback I've been getting as well as some stuff I've been meaning to fix.